Are Bugs the New Sushi?; McDonald’s Pissed at Anti-Burger Ad


Bug lovers are pushing entomophagy (the eating of insects) as a high-protein, low-fat, cheap, environmentally sustainable, and trendy new diet.
[Wall Street Journal]

The owners of Torrisi Italian Specialties are embracing Chinatown’s encroachment on Little Italy this San Gennaro with special dishes that embrace both cultures.
[NY Times]

A new ad campaign in D.C. that shows a fat man dead with a burger in hand has angered McDonald’s for its use of the slogan “I was loving it.”

Despite the fact that a quarter of the nation’s 6,000 or so farmers’ markets accept food stamps, they still have a hard time attracting low-income shoppers.

The estimated number of hungry people in the world has fallen for the first time in 15 years, although rising food prices could halt that progress.
[Wall Street Journal]

L.A.’s Department of Public Health has called for a revision of restaurant-inspection regulations to require food trucks to post letter grades like brick-and-mortar restaurants.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

A professor in Tennessee has launched the website in response to a law that allows patrons to carry guns where alcohol is served.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]