Basia Bulat


After a ton of touring that earned her recognition the old-fashioned way, Toronto-based singer/songwriter Basia Bulat followed Oh, My Darling, her enjoyably willowy 2008 debut, with the equally steady Heart of My Own, which was even more old-fashioned. Bulat, guiding her music at all times with a verdant and proudly unchecked voice, also betrays a soft spot for analog, wood-and-string things such as the autoharp. It gives herthe more gauzy and suggestive feel of a parlor music scene in an old dime-store novella. This tactile sense of place, of feeling, came through loud and clear on Darling and flits through the varied arrangements and folk entreaties of Heart, too. Even better, Bulat knows a thing or two about keeping a show moving; all that touring pays even more dividends. With the Acorn.

Thu., Sept. 23, 9:30 p.m., 2010