Beautiful Model Points Out the Obvious in Picture Me


Did you know that fashion models are rewarded with huge piles of money for being genetically blessed and able to walk a straight line? How about that, in an industry built on objectification and the illusion of physical perfection, models are predisposed to having fucked-up self-esteem issues and body dysmorphia? One more news flash, if you’ve never seen a picture of Terry Richardson naked: Some photographers can be downright lecherous! Please, shed some tears for first-time filmmaker Sara Ziff, the beautiful, thin, blonde daughter of a neurobiology professor and a lawyer, whose difficult life includes a years-long rise to catwalk prominence (in one scene, she gazes at side-by-side Manhattan billboards plastered with her stories-tall physique), sloppily filmed here by her co-director and former boyfriend, Ole Schell. Subtitled “A Model’s Diary,” which may be the kindest way to package a narcissistic video blog, Picture Me is a fruitless portrait of commonplace backstage reveals and indulgent mugging. A gaggle of Ziff’s strutting colleagues school us on how bulimia runs rampant, some girls use cocaine, and models are getting younger, all of which is broken up with cutesy animation sequences that poor wealthy Ziff probably had to pay for with one of those six-figure checks she boasts about.