Bedbugs Are in NYU Dorms with “Bedbug-Proof” Mattresses


This just goes to show that nowhere can really truly be bedbug-proof, not even the dorms of the naive and young-blooded — all the better for the vampire-like parasites. Welcome to New York, kiddies; hope you packed your cortisone cream, because NYU representative Beth Morningstar confirmed that bedbugs were found in dorms, though she wouldn’t specify which ones, according to

Apparently, the bedbug-proof mattresses don’t stop the creatures from infesting bed frames and elsewhere. Morningstar said that less than 10 percent of cases reported by students were actually bedbugs, which means NYU students are not only living among bedbugs, but they’re also hypochondriacs. Great. Will it ever be a ‘dream school’ again?