Drug Dealer Threatens to Shank His Own Client in Total Buzzkill Moment


Hey, not good for business, guys. Imagine: You’re meeting your dealer to score some sweet weed. As you sidle up to him at the location where you’ve agreed to pass off the baggie or whatnot (this is how it’s done, right?), he grabs you, throws you against the wall, and claims, “You’re going to get shanked in here.”

This happened, according to the Brooklyn Paper. Which is so unfair! Potheads are the gentlest creatures in the drug kingdom, the hippopotami, if you will. And all the little hippo wanted was a little score. Making matters worse, his so-called dealer then stole his iPhone and the cash on him (just $20, but still)…and, presumably, didn’t even deliver any marijuana. Lame.

These, it seems, are the perils of getting your drugs from an unlicensed dealer. Be careful. Although we assume once word gets out to the Better Business Bureau, they’ll be all over this dude. Then again, maybe he’s not a dealer at all, but just a con who pretends to deal drugs and really just goes around threatening to shank people. They won’t like that, either.

So not cool, man.