Forget About the Poultry: Hill Country Chicken’s Pies Sound Amazing


Hill Country Chicken opens today, and Grub Street has helpfully supplied a PDF of its menu. Having pored over it for the past few minutes, we find ourselves less excited by the chicken than the restaurant’s massive pie menu. Why? Two words: “whiskey buttermilk.”

Also, “apple cheddar.” Plus, there’s “Texas billionaire,” a play on the traditional Texas millionaire pie, a no-bake classic involving lots of whipped topping, cream cheese, grated coconut, crushed pineapple, and pecans. The more conventional pies on the roster, such as coconut cream, banana cream, and bourbon pecan, don’t sound half bad, either. And perhaps best and most damningly of all, you can also order the pie crammed into a milkshake. We’re already dreaming of endless Fat Pants Fridays posts, to say nothing of a pie smackdown between Hill Country and its way overpriced neighbor, Blue Smoke Bake Shop.