Glenn Beck Defends McDonald’s, Mocks Heart Disease


“I thought the Hamburglar stole stuff. … He steals your life!” cracks Glenn Beck after showing an ad produced by Washington-based health lobby Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

The ad depicts a dead man in a morgue holding a half-eaten burger and ends with the Golden Arches logo and the slogan “I was loving it,” a play on Mickey D’s tagline (duly pissing off the burger chain). Sure, it’s a little dramatic. But Beck tops the drama by painting the campaign as a left-wing fearmongering ploy to get us to — gasp! — eat healthy, his tone mocking the very idea that eating fatty foods can lead to high blood pressure and a heart attack. The best part? He feels the need to clarify to his presumably dim-witted audience that the ad is not a McDonald’s commercial. Thanks, Glenn.