Gossip About Lagerfeld, Joaquin Phoenix, and Katie Holmes


CLICK HERE for my new column in which I interview Oscar-nominated Amy Ryan, who’s in the new Philip Seymour Hoffman-directed movie in which she’s a funeral-home worker who romances a limo driver played by Hoffman himself.

Ryan tells me about that film, her Oscar night for Gone Baby Gone, and her small-screen romancing plans with Steve Carell on The Office.

It’s his last season on the show, so they’d better hurry!

Also in the column:

*What you’re not allowed to ask Katie Holmes;

*Which controversial reporter battled it out with loony Joaquin Phoenix and who won;

*And what Karl Lagerfeld is like over lunch.

(Hint: Quite amusing, especially since this is the man who spouts aphorisms like, “I’m a fashion nymphomaniac who never gets an orgasm.”)