Man Gets Out of Jury Duty Simply by Being a Pain in the Ass


We’ve tried it all — or we thought we had. Mentioning our lawyer uncle, our fondness for illicit substances, our frequent run-ins with the law, our lack of any moral high ground whatsoever. We’ve even pulled the blogger card. And doctor’s notes! And yet it seems that the easiest way to avoid jury duty is to make yourself known as an insufferable pain in the ass. Who knew?

According to the New York Times, John Lively, a juror in the trial for the truly heinous murder of Connecticut woman Jennifer Hawke Petit and her two daughters, was dismissed yesterday simply by writing the judge a note criticizing the prosecutors in the case…after just a day on the job.

From the note:

“As a juror in this case, I am confused by the presentation of the state’s case and bewildered by what seems to be a lack of preparation of this case.”

Lively was then unceremoniously dismissed, with Judge John Blue comparing his statement to “complaining about the Boston Marathon after running half a mile.”

Lazy? Un-American? Sure. But, holy crap, he got out of jury duty.

[via the New York Times]