Matt & Kim Sidewalks Cover and Tracklist! Webster Hall Dates! Yeeee!


If we’ve let the incessant Matt & Kim updates lapse (They’re naked! They’re Siren Fest headliners! Matt’s rapping R. Kelly! They ate too fast yesterday!), it’s not for lack of enthusiasm, it’s that we started to feel badly for constantly making all those babies jealous. (Hence the obsession with things that would not.) But now that Williamsburg’s most endearing joy-rock couple have a new record coming out this fall, the SOTC cheerleading resumes.

The follow-up to Matt and Kim’s Awesome Album (a/k/a Grand), Sidewalks features 10 songs. The artwork draws from pretty much the same aesthetic inspiration as every Matt & Kim full-length: Brooklyn building + collage overlay = screenprint-style appreciation to urban living. The similarity isn’t a bad thing.

Also familiar is “Silver Tiles,” a hugely popular anthem they’re been pounding out live for years and years, on the tracklist.

Sidewalks Tracklist
1. Block After Block
2. AM/FM Sound
3. Cameras
4. Red Paint
5. Where You’re Coming From
6. Good for Great
7. Northeast
8. Wires
9. Silver Tiles
10. Ice Melts

What isn’t the same with Sidewalks is the bonkers level of production for the first single, the ebullient, DIY Kidz Bop jingle “Cameras.” Horns? Laser keys? Strings? Doubtful any of those will be present when they play this song when they headlined Webster Hall for two nights next month, Tuesday October 26 and Wednesday, October 27. But 100s of manic crowd-surfing kids will be, so practice singing along to “Cameras” now:

Cameras by mattandkim