More Manhattan Apartments for Rent Than Almost Ever, Also, Still Ridiculously Expensive


Renting an apartment in Manhattan is never not hell. It’s now apparently less hell, though still just as an expensive of a hell as it was before.

WNYC reports that there the number of Manhattan apartments for rent on the market in August climbed for the first time in eight months. Somehow, though, it still sucks for renters:

The average monthly cost of a studio was just over $1,800 and just under $2,500 on average for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. “It’s still a landlord’s market, and tenants need to be prepared to act because there’s not a tremendous volume of apartments out there right now,” said Gary Malin, president of CitiHabitats… Only one in five apartments rented by CitiHabitats included deals for renters.

It’s enough to make one want to just, you know, forget about it. Good luck. Via Gawker, our weed is some of the most expensive in the nation. Maybe just a loosey? Forget it. Our cigarettes are getting pricier by the day. I mean, fuckit, you know what we’re getting at here: We’re still the most expensive American city, and we never won’t be. Basically, nothing has changed and it never will. Never be excited for anything. Ever.