People Who Work Your Last Gay Nerve


“People who are the least qualified to birth, raise, and nurture children having the most number of them.

“People who brag about how LinkedIn, Facebooked, My Spaced, and Twittered they are, but lack the ability to carry on a conversation in person. Social networking my ass!

“Guys who advertise themselves as Str8t on Craiglist in the ‘Men For Men’ section. Note to such: Real straight men are most likely to prefer genders without penises attached.

*People at the movie theater who speak more dialogue than the actors on the movie screen.

*Guys who say they’re CEOs but turn out to be carnies.

*People who sing ‘People’ or any other Barbra Streisand song who aren’t Barbra Streisand.”

This is from the very funny new book My Brother Married My Sister. Where Do I Sit by Karl B. Daniel and Bradley J. Provines.