Scenes From the L Train: Rat v. Rat, FTW (Video, of Course)


Last night, our intrepid social media coordinator Francesca — you may know her as the voice of @VoiceStreet — stumbled (not ’cause she was drunk!) upon a sight that we consider something of a live metaphor for the rat-fighting-rat culture of our own lovable NYC. Seriously. Here is a rat, fighting another rat, for an extremely large and seemingly delicious baguette on the tracks of the L train at First Avenue at 12:45 this morning.

Francesca dubs it “disgusting but awesome.” We call it “existential” (baguettes, those are French!). See for yourself.

And yet, in the end, teamwork prevailed, which should be a lesson to all of us carb-lovers: “A third rat came from behind and they all dragged it to the other side of the track when the train was coming!” says Francesca.

That’s almost cute.