Vendy Awards Announces Best Dessert Contenders


The Vendy Awards will be held September 25, and although the savory finalists have already been revealed, today the Street Vendor Project organizers announced the five dessert vendors that will compete for the best-sweets crown in the sixth annual street food cook-off. And some of them are favorites of ours …

Doug Quint’s Big Gay Ice Cream Truck has been nominated — check out Rebecca’s dishy interview with him here and here.

Guerrilla Ice Cream, the frozen-confections cart whose flavors take their names from political uprisings around the world, is also a finalist. Rebecca’s take? “Even if you come away with no more enlightenment about the world than you would if you’d gone to the Mister Softee truck, you will come away having eaten good ice cream.”

The brand-new Kelvin Natural Slush also made the list. Our Man Sietsema recently checked out the slushy truck and reported back: “Ginger is particularly refreshing on a hot day. When you add the fruit syrups, it gets too sweet for me.”

The list rounds out with the DessertTruck — whose hot chocolate made our 10 best list — and Chinatown’s Long Tzi Tang, which vends pulled-sugar candy.