Brooklynite Tells Madonna, “Fuck You!” at Her Film Shoot


The Material Girl is directing a film shoot in Brooklyn, and one man says that her crew was less than polite in telling him to walk on the other side of the street. “A chick with a headset held up her arm and said, ‘You have to cross the street, sir!’ I replied: ‘I don’t have to do anything. This is my neighborhood, and a public sidewalk, and I’ll go where I please!'” a commenter who goes by “Palladian” wrote on the blog Althouse. Then the frustration of his Wednesday-morning walk escalated from this point until he unknowingly encountered Madonna.

I walked a few more feet and another drone with a headset came rushing up to me and said “The sidewalk’s closed. Please cross the street!” I replied: “This is a public sidewalk. I will continue to walk where I please.”

I pushed past him and a I came upon a haggard woman in sunglasses, a baseball cap and a scarf printed with a stylized skull pattern holding a clipboard and looking into a hand-held monitor along with a couple of other people. Being a veteran of the terrible world of film production, I recognized that this woman was probably the director. I paused as I passed and said to her: “You need to inform your brain-dead P.A.s that they need to treat us residents a little better, honey.” She looked at me, expressionless behind her sunglasses for a moment before one of the men with her said “Move along, sir.” I replied “a hearty fuck you to both of you” and I walked onward.

Later that day, a local Korean grocery store owner told “Palladian” that the “haggard” director he cursed out was actually Madonna. (The movie she’s directing is called W.E and is scheduled for release in 2011.)

While we think that Palladian could maybe use some happy pills, there must be some strange honor in getting to say “Fuck you” to Madonna. And being allowed to live.

via Althouse via Gothamist