Bryant Park Has America’s Third Best Bathroom


America’s best bathrooms have been decided by the “Internet public,” and our own Bryant Park public facilities — investigated by Runnin’ Scared’s Annie Werner back in July — alas, did not take the top prize. But it came in third for its “Beaux Arts design, full-time attendant, fresh cut flowers, scented oils, and electronic seat covers.”

Or, as Annie mentioned,

The bathroom is outfitted with flower arrangements and a working fan to make for a more pleasant visit.

Unlike other NYC public restrooms, Bryant Park’s did not have toilet paper scattered about the room, and we didn’t have to dance around puddles of unidentified liquid to make it to the loo.

Despite the third-place status, Joe Carella, spokeman for Bryant Park, would not be put in a corner.

Per DNA Info, Carella said, “While we’re disappointed, it has to be said that Bryant Park’s bathroom is really in a different category because it’s an outdoor, stand-alone facility. As such, it’s probably the best in the world.” And it serves 700,000 people a year.

Unfortunately, first place — also beating out New York’s Muse hotel bathrooms, which took fifth — went to some fancy-shmancy overstyled mess of a lav (hand-painted murals, ornate fixtures, and designer mirrors!) at an ice cream parlor in St. Louis.

Oh, well. There’s no accounting for taste.