Jay-Z Vs. Girly-Blog Crushable: Tradition of Trashed Media Reporting Rises to Occasion


We spoke too soon: Either every media reporter in town was at last night’s GQ/Jay-Z fashion week party, or he was just in an…interesting…mood. Whatever the case, another awesome story from the party has emerged, and it involves a reporter getting drunk and not realizing she was talking to Jay-Z after patronizing his “supersonic dog hearing.”

Drew Grant of girly blog — previously the editor of Mediabistro’s Fishbowl NY and an editor at Mediaite, and not without her party reporting stripes — was apparently just there for the booze, and whatever on this rapper guy. Without spoiling the part about the “supersonic dog hearing,” just know that this happened:

“This guy says he can hear champagne glasses!” I said, sticking my thumb at my new friend.

My boyfriend’s face was still frozen.

“I’m a musician, I have really good hearing,” the guy laughed.

I bolted towards the champagne and greedily poured a copious amount of champagne.
“Drew, DREW!”

My boyfriend ran over and grabbed my arm. “Do you know who that is?”

“Some guy who got us champagne! Woo!”

Yes, the “guy” is Jay-Z. But even more, it shows a great tradition of DIY teach-yourself party reporting being carried forward: When all else fails, just get really, incredibly fucking drunk and try to remember what happens. Professional? Not really. Artful? Without question. Bravo.