Jay-Z vs. The New York Observer’s Feet


In what might be the most high-profile victory — or feat — for both media reporters and The New York Observer in recent weeks, the feet of a New York Observer media reporter intimidated Jay-Z into putting his foot back in his loafer.

Zeke Turner, interviewing Jay-Z at a GQ party for the rapper’s Rocawear clothing line:

“They’re very…” Jay-Z removed one of his shoes and bent the sole to show us how flexible it was. He was wearing dark socks covered in tiny paislies. “Would you like to try them on?” he asked The Observer. “What size you wear?” Eleven and a half. “Alright, well, you’re not going to bust these open,” he said and slipped the loafer back onto his foot.

You know what they say about media reporters: The bigger the feet, the bigger the dek. Actually, they don’t say that anywhere. But the rest of Turner’s filing is serious Big Dick party coverage, which you should absolutely read, and which is more evidence of the Observer not being intimidated by the likes of superstar rap moguls or angry indie rock star brats. Nice work.