New York Women Like Their Men to Smell Like the Inside of a Starbucks


Well, this is interesting. Smell purveyor AXE body spray took it upon themselves to survey ladies in various cities to find out how they’d like their menfolk to smell. (Note to men: Two of three women say they are actually more likely to make out with a guy on the first date if he smells good, which does not necessarily mean wearing AXE body spray. Shower.)

Ever-caffeinated New York women loved the smell of coffee on their dudes. Hm. L.A. ladies liked lavender (we have never met such a man!). Houstonians liked BBQ, and San Diegoans enjoyed suntan lotion and the smell of the ocean.

Girls’ Scent Preferences by City
1. New York City – Coffee
2. Los Angeles – Lavender
3. Chicago – Vanilla
4. Houston – Barbecue
5. Atlanta – Cherry
6. Phoenix – Eucalyptus
7. Philadelphia – Clean Laundry
8. Dallas – Smoke/Fireplace
9. San Diego – Suntan Lotion/Ocean
10. Minneapolis-St. Paul – Cut Grass

Strangely, none of them said AXE body spray! Also, the majority of women did not want to date someone who smelled like their dad. (Hear that, Old Spice guy?) And nationally, everyone loved vanilla.

As with anything, this should be taken with a grain of salt. Pouring coffee all over yourself to get a date is creepy, and can cause injury. But as one dating expert said, it’s good to incorporate the preferred scent into your dating routine, so…ask her for coffee. Unless she prefers the smell of tequila. Anyway, you know what to do.

[via NBC NY]