Scientists Spend 10 Years Developing Spray-on Clothing, Despite Proven Functionality of Actual Clothing


Scientists (and a fashion designer) in London have spent 10 years developing a spray-on form of clothing that comes in a can…and, finally, it’s here! All of you who would like to have your “clothes” sprayed onto your nude body by a random scientist or cooperative friend/family member (think coverage), then wait for the spray to harden into “clothing-like material,” and then, finally, get on with your day, well, it’s a happy moment for you. As an added bonus, spray-on clothing turns into a reusable garment, just like actual…clothes. You can even wash and rewear them! Just like actual…clothes. For fun, video after the jump.

Yay. But seriously, this could be good for medical purposes, somehow?

[via Telegraph]