Stray-Cat-Loving Grandpa Shoots Intruder in Brooklyn


Larry Goldstein, a grandfather known to neighbors for tutoring children and caring for stray cats, opened fire on two armed burglars, shooting one in the chest and sending the other running, according to the Post. Goldstein and his wife were sleeping upstairs in their Mill Basin home when they heard the burglars on the first floor at around 2 a.m.; that’s when Goldstein armed himself with his licensed .38-caliber revolver, and went to battle in his kitchen.

Alexander Manigat, the suspect Goldstein shot in the chest, is in critical condition. “I’m just sorry it happened. I’m all shaken up,” Goldstein told the Post. “It was frightening. I don’t know, it was protective instinct,” he said. Police said Goldstein’s shooting was justifiable.

Manigat has a rap sheet already, including arrests for burglary, grand larceny, drugs, and forgery. He was at Brookdale Hospital when he was charged (this time) with robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, and possession of burglars’ tools. His accomplice is still on the loose.

A Mill Basin neighbor told the Post that earlier that night, two men attempted to steal her husband’s motor scooter, but that he scared them off. Mill Basin may no longer be on burglars’ hit lists.