Times: Election Board a ‘Bastion of Lickspittles’


This anger business must be contagious. Today the Times editorial page rolls out one of the toughest curses allowed in Times-land to describe the city’s Board of Elections which, as widely predicted, succeeded in royally screwing up Tuesday’s election.

The board, said the Timesians, is “a 10-member, two-party bastion of lickspittles.”

The Times notes that the board failed to take part in a pilot test of the system last year which is one reason some poll workers spent Tuesday trying to slide ballots into the new scanners upside down, folded, and/or sideways.

The editorial also graciously cites the Voice for its recent airing of a city investigation that determined that the new $155,000 a year deputy executive director used to vote from the Bronx while living in Rockland County. Probers also confirmed that in the Bronx office, a top aide was working on political campaigns from his desk, while seven workers with recent criminal records were happily working nearby.

I called the board a “rogue agency” and “bastion of patronage” which admittedly is pretty pale stuff alongside “lickspittle.”

I’m going to try and use this word soon, though it’s risky. As defined in the “Devil’s Dictionary” by Ambrose Bierce, it is:

“A useful functionary, not infrequently found editing a newspaper.”