Traffic Agent Tickets Illegally Parked Dead Man


Nicholas Rappold, a 21-year-old with a history of pill abuse, was slumped over dead in the front seat of his Jeep Cherokee in Queens on Tuesday morning when a traffic agent slapped a ticket on his illegally parked vehicle. Rappold’s friend, whose house he had left in the middle of the night, realized the vehicle was still parked outside an hour after the ticket was issued, sources told the Daily News. He approached the Jeep and found his friend’s body.

Investigators believe Rappold died of an overdose, which makes us think “THANK GOD he didn’t drive away.” Driving on the verge of death from substance abuse could have made for a far worse tragedy than this already is — and this is pretty bad.

Did his friend really think it was a good idea for him to drive home in the first place? Hey, friends don’t let friends drive when they’re near death.

Investigators found that the ticketing traffic agent did no wrong, but police voided the parking summons. Police voided a parking summons — that’s news in and of itself.