Weather in New York Going CRAZY: Mayhem, Tornado Warning, Loud Scary Noises


Ahh, you guys, did you hear that thunder and see that lightning? Were you shaking in the corner of your cubicle under your desk, scared to leave your office? And without an umbrella or rain boots? US, TOO! Now, sirens are zooming past our office, and people are Tweetin’ all crazy — including the tornado OMFG!

Shit like this happened already!

Wait, it’s over? No tornado? All right, if you’re in Queens, duck for cover.

UPDATE: Not over yet! This just happened — via Tumblr via Twitter. Sorry to hear about your window, glad you’re all right!

Now this:

ALSO: Very frightening photos. Stay safe!


UPDATE: Twitter tornado is heartless and ruthless.

UPDATE: If this is real, this is more insane than originally thought.

UPDATE: Further support that the above photo is real. Time posted and tweeted it. Wow…We’re not sure whether to be more scared or impressed, but we’re definitely more scared right now.

UPDATE: via News12 reporter, Sonia Moghe

and ConEd Storm Center Power Outage Map

UPDATE: Photo of tornado near the Statue of Liberty is fake. We were all duped, especially TIME — haha Twitter, good one. We hate it when people pull this shit.’

The aftermath: Thousands are left without power, and at least one person died from causes relating to the storm.

via the New York Times
At least one woman was killed when a tree fell on a vehicle about 6:50 p.m. on Grand Central Parkway in the vicinity of Jewell Avenue in Queens. Police said the woman had pulled her car to the side of the parkway, possibly to avoid the storm — though that was still being investigated.