Worst Mom of the Year Busted for Teaching Her Kid to Smoke Pot


Just when the smoking baby kicks the habit, another toddler is out there upping the ante. Actually, in this case, it’s not so much “upping the ante” as it is awful, horrible, unforgivable parenting. A woman in Ohio gave her two-year-old daughter pot, then recorded her smoking it, because, you know, that would be cool.

(In the case of the smoking Indonesian baby, he took to smoking cigarettes on his own and his parents tried to get him to stop, which made him the most incorrigible-yet-endearingly adultish two-year-old ever. Plus, he quit!) But in this case, it’s just…sad. For example, the part where Jessica Gamble, the mom, employs her parenting skills to “instruct” her daughter, telling her, “Don’t blow on it.” Classy. Or when she laughs that her kid is smoking pot.

Of course, when you record your own crime and then go around showing it to people, you’re bound to get caught. Inevitably, someone with even the slightest moral conscience saw the video, forwarded it to another cell phone, and it eventually ended up with the police.

Gamble has been indicted on three felonies — corrupting another with drugs, child endangering, and tampering with evidence (she apparently briefly wised up enough to delete the video from her cell phone). Her daughter is now living with a relative.