BP Well to Be Sealed by Saturday, Says BP


Hey, everybody, remember that well in the Gulf? The one that broke a while back, and leaked its oil everywhere, and got all over a bunch of birds, and fish, and shrimp, and people? Oh, come on, remember? Yeah, it was a long time ago that happened. Like, before the summer even started! April 20, to be exact. And back in late May, we were writing stuff like: “BP Oil Spill Sticking Around the Gulf Through Summer.” Ominous.

Well, here we are, Friday, September 17, 4.1 million barrels of oil later. And what do you know?

Via NPR:

Crews started pumping cement Friday deep under the seafloor to permanently plug BP’s blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP expects the well to be completely sealed on Saturday. The government had previously said it expected the well to be declared dead by Sunday, but on Friday the Coast Guard indicated the culmination was likely to be Saturday.

A day early! Or, er, nearly five months late. But not everybody’s taking the glass-half-empty tack:

“I am ready for that cigar now,” John Wright, who led the team drilling the relief well, said in an e-mail Friday to The Associated Press from aboard the Development Driller III vessel.

Wright, who is not a BP employee but is working on a contract basis, had told the AP in August that he was looking forward to finishing his mission and celebrating with a cigar, a dinner party with his crew, and a trip somewhere quiet to unwind with his wife.

Not that he doesn’t deserve it if this thing is truly “fixed.” But what we really want to know is…where, exactly, is all the oil? ‘Cause, just saying, we’re not going to be happy when we find it.