Dismemberment Plan Tickets For Webster Hall Are On Sale Right Now (UPDATE: Second Show Added)


Right about now you oughta be getting emails from Ticketmaster reminding you that you bought Pavement tickets, like, a solid year ago, and you better find them, because those shows are finally happening next week. So who’ll fill the “eagerly anticipated yet dauntingly far away indie-rock reunion” void? Might we suggest beloved D.C. post-punkers the Dismemberment Plan?

Verily, their brief (five shows thus far) reunion was made official early this week — as a PSA, let it be know that tickets for their Webster Hall show Saturday, January 29 are on sale as of noon. A sellout is profoundly likely. Hustle over there right now. We’ll wait. (UPDATE: Second show added, for Jan. 30.) And if you need some sort of nostalgia-based prodding, try this: