Fashion Week: A More-or-Less Fond Look Back


This season’s tally is in. For Spring 2011 Fashion Week, the Voice can rightly claim:

-3 reporters

-29 shows

-564 downed promotional Chambord and bottled Frappuccino cocktails (they were kind of repulsive)

The fabulously exhausted final thoughts:

Angela: Someone at New York magazine described all the reporters at last night’s L.A.M.B. show as “brain-fried”….I’d say that is accurate. How are you feeling?

Stacey: Like I just awoke from a fashion inception.

Araceli: But without Leo?

Stacey: Right, but a lot of Kelly Osbourne, who seemed very gracious, by the way.

Araceli: Ewww.

Stacey: What did you both think of the new Lincoln Center digs?

Araceli: Visually, it was quite beautiful; other than that, it totally lacked the Bryant Park uproar.

Angela: Inside it felt the same as Bryant Park….except for the new barcode system….that made me feel like I was about to board an airplane.

Stacey: Right. That did speed up check-in quite a bit, though. At L.A.M.B., I scanned my invitation and the helpful clerk informed me that I didn’t have to, but I was glad I got to play with the machine again, anyway.

Araceli: I did love the absence of the PR girls.

Stacey: Machines have replaced them, as they will replace us all.

Angela: No, just Tavi will replace us all.

Araceli: I’m okay with that.

Angela: Me, too. I adore her. She really knows her way around a thrift store.

Stacey: The PR women were mostly there to correct their gaffes, I think… for example, how they initially assigned me front row at Diane von Furstenberg, only to change that a bit when I arrived.

Araceli: Well, we know why you had so much trouble with seating…there’s another fashionista named Stacey Anderson who, incidentally, you sat next to at the Project Runway show.

Stacey: We know which outfit got into Marc Jacobs, though, no pun intended. Voice: 1 Dopplegangers: 0

Angela: And what did you think of Marc?

Stacey: Marc by Marc’s presentation was less dramatic than his eponymous line was the night before, but the enthusiasm was equaled. The line was much more demure color-wise and far beachier; I wonder how he’ll make a resort line after this, because it screamed summer.

Angela: Yes, the Marc Jacobs show really announced that the ’70s are back…and I’m not sure how to feel about this. When do we ever get to live in the now?

Stacey: If nothing else, you can always dress like a metallic, satin insect, a la Herchcovitch:Alexandre.… that seems like a terrifying future, at least.

Angela: threeASFOUR was also very space-age. They were designing for the alien goddess. I loved it! Stacey: What were your favorite shows? I was partial to the shows with vibrant staging; they helped Lincoln Center feel like a totally invigorated experience, i.e. Betsey Johnson and L.A.M.B.

Angela: As far as Fashion Week spectacles go, Band of Outsiders was, again, the most creative with their presentation — the boys lounging on beds and the girls standing in a misty greenhouse. threeASFOUR did their show in a small Chinatown park and had their models walk around this spiral structure. I could go for more shows in parks, on the street, etc.

Stacey: Sounds fun. Which trends did you see pick up steam this week?

Araceli: One major trend I noticed was the child accessory. Can’t these women call a sitter?

Stacey: I guess that’s a sociopathic accessory, in a way… It takes a rare kind of child to enjoy Fashion Week. Unless the child is Kingston Rossdale; that kid was just proud of Mom.

Angela: How cute was Gwen Stefani’s son last night! I don’t think she expected him to run up to her like that.

Araceli: Please! It’s all planned. I’ve seen that move before. Kimora Simmons does it all the time: “Hand me my child now,” she says as she’s walking out on the runway. Now if only Gavin could do something worthwhile, he could run up to Gwen next time, too.

Stacey: I think Donald Trump says the same thing about his money.

Araceli: What?

Stacey: I don’t know, I’m tired. Stacey: I also saw a lot of demure tangerine and nude hues. Not as many sequins and sparkles as before, and also more gathered silhouettes and fewer drop-waists. Safari jackets and long hems were also popular (not so much together). Saw African prints in a few unexpected places, as well.

Angela: Rag & Bone had fun layering bras on top of dresses. They also did a beautiful silver metallic skirt with a little white eyelet fabric peeking out at the bottom. Shiny metallics seemed to be everywhere actually.

Stacey: Although surprisingly, some major advocates of flash, such as Anna Sui and Christian Siriano, were far more demure and beyond the pale, literally. The Project Runway kids sure embraced the glitter, though.

Angela: Also layering it up was Phillip Lim, who put lambskin tabards over dresses and shirts.

Araceli: I’m going to try buttoning my sweater backwards

and wearing it as a skirt.

Angela: Neutral colors were everywhere. Don’t designers know that New Yorkers never wear all white? Except Tom Wolfe. Were they all designing just for Tom Wolfe?

Angela: I have to mention Vena Cava. BEAUTIFUL! Those ladies know what they’re doing. It was the best of Brooklyn style meets the best of California style. I loved the bursts of poppy (which I also saw at Prabal Gurung) and the cream leather bustier was killer…though I could never wear it. I really liked Alexander Wang’s collection; he made me admire construction workers’ style.

Araceli: What about Fashion’s Night Out? Sucks that I missed it in New York, and it sucks even more that San Francisco’s Fashion’s Night Out was a complete bust. So much for going global.

Angela: Fashion’s Night Out was even more of a mob scene than last year….I think last time people didn’t get it, but this time they really, really did.

Angela: And oddly, it makes me not want to buy anything … it really has the opposite effect. I go home and think, Ugh. Shopping is the worst. But I quickly get over that.

Araceli: I bet you we can hound Anna Wintour about this, and she’ll beg us to be on the planning committee for next year.

Stacey: Anything you didn’t like? Cynthia Rowley’s sweet tooth didn’t quite vibe with me, nor did Erin Fetherston’s usually wonderful quirkiness; she seemed very restrained.

Angela: There was a lot of fringe going on — and sometimes it can be pretty, and sometimes (like at Prabal Gurung) it can look like a big ol’ mess.

Stacey: A different Anna (Sui) loved that fringe, as well. Did any shows pleasantly surprise you this season? Max Azria took me aback. I haven’t been a fan of his collections in the past, and still am no enthusiast of his 99 percent white model casting, but Herve Leger’s rubberized lace this season was gorgeous.

Araceli: I really adored Isaac Mizrahi’s show. It was beautifully feminine. I loved the sheer.

Angela: I also saw a lot of sheer pieces. Cushnie et Ochs did sheer really well and so did Phillip Lim. All those exposed breasts seemed like a gift to the photo pit.

Stacey: Considering the average courtesy of a Fashion Week photographer, it’s probably the farthest they’ve gotten with the ladies in awhile.

Angela: Yes, most people may not know this but those photographers are really wolves dressed in human’s clothing. Did that make any sense? Brain-fried!

Stacey: Don’t ask me. It’s been a long week.