Jacob Isom, Koran-Swiping Religious Hero and Texas Stoner, Has His Own T-Shirt Line(s)


Jacob Isom, the 23-year-old Amarillo stoner who stopped a Koran-burning last Saturday by swiping a lighter-fluid-soaked Muslim holy book from David Grisham of Christian extremist group Repent Amarillo while uttering the now-famous phrase, “Dude, you have no Koran!” is experiencing a very intense 15 minutes of fame. Including T-shirts in his honor, like those from God Spam blogger Gwynne Watkins.

“One guy thwarted the entire thing in the most practical way possible. I thought that was very awesome,” Watkins says of Isom’s feat. “They didn’t have a backup, which I find hilarious.”

Watkins, a freelance writer and the daughter of a minister, says she started her quirky religious blog because she’s “always been really fascinated by the intersection of pop culture and religion…[this type of blog] didn’t exist, and I wanted to read it.” Isom seems the personification of the very intersection Watkins explores. “If that was in a movie, you would actually come home saying that line,” she says, comparing Isom’s quip to “Dude, where’s my car?”

Gawker interviewed Isom for a post that gives deep insight into the soul of a current (however temporary) cultural icon with a foot-long rat tail and a super-amateur cooking video. “I want to be in High Times. Can you put that in your article? I tried to call them, but you have to use the Internet, and I don’t know if they’ll call back,” Isom told Gawker. “That’s why I was so excited when you called. I thought it might be them, calling back.” By the way, he got his wish.

Watkins’s shirts aren’t the only ones in honor of Isom — his friends also made shirts bearing an image of his heroic face (as pictured before the jump), as do others on the site she uses, Cafe Press. But Watkins doesn’t care about the competition and says she would probably even plug the other T-shirts on her blog. “I did it in about a half-hour,” she says of her logo, which also comes on mugs, teddy bears, dog clothes, and even a Sigg water bottle.


Get your own before Isom’s 15 minutes are up. Oh, and here’s the inevitable Auto-Tune.