Macao Trading Co. Gets a New Executive Chef


Macao Trading Co. has brought on Josh Blakely as executive chef. He replaces Erik Cereceres, the chef known as Chewy.

Blakely, who was previously the sous chef at Employees Only, has redesigned the menu, doing away with the Chinese- and Portuguese-style options and instead opting to combine the two cooking traditions. The new menu includes such dishes as Tortilha do Macao, with sautéed crab meat and curry aioli; grilled prawns with garlic refrito and cashews; the requisite heritage pork belly, braised with mustard greens, grapefruit, and aged balsamic; and sautéed diver scallops with Malaysian curry sauce and country ham. Popular dishes like the mushroom and truffle croquette and the Peking-style pork rib have stayed on the menu, but been tweaked.

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