More Pinstriped Perps Discovered


By Jared Greenfield

Turns out it’s not just street thugs who embrace the Bronx Bomber brand. The Times served up a hundred examples yesterday of cons who don pinstripes, but as usual, the paper of record took a dive on all the politician perps, convicted or charged, whose preferred wardrobe includes icons of Yankee power, wealth and success. Could Blago in Illinois be mimicking Jay-Z too?

With a collective rap sheet that includes multiple counts of corruption, conspiracy, perjury, tax evasion, and wire fraud, as well as, solicitation and felony assault charges, these guys should feel right at home among their pinstripe-donning, bank-robbing brothers and sisters in crime. Of course, Governor Paterson was so into the Yankees he’s been fined $96,375 by the State Public Integrity Commission for taking free tickets to soak up a Series game last year. Those pinstripes sure do look a lot like prison bars, don’t they?