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Morning Links: Your Post-Tornado Roundup


• Everyone’s running around talking about storm damage following the still-unconfirmed-maybe-tornado (officials are currently working to determine that with their little tornado-detection devices) that hit Staten Island, Brooklyn — rampaging through Park Slope and Bushwick — and Queens last night. There’s been one reported fatality: 30-year-old Aline Levakis, was pulled over on the Grand Central Parkway when her Lexus was hit by a tree. [NYT]

• Trees are still down throughout the path of the storm. Don’t try to clear them yourself, say officials — call 311. Or, just look at this fallen-tree slideshow. [Daily Intel]

• Or this shot, from the Voice‘s Steven Thrasher.

• That photo of a tornado behind the Statue of Liberty that you probably saw at some point last night? Real — just from 1976. Don’t be fooled like Time magazine. [HuffPo]

• Almost 26,000 customers are still without power, according to Con Ed. Queens has most of the outages — 24,700. [NBC NY]

• All public schools are open today, except John Bowne High School in Flushing, which suffered extensive storm damage.

• The LIRR is mostly back up, but check first regarding trains, buses, and subways — there may be delays or route changes. [NYT]

• A Starbucks in Long Island apparently kicked out eight customers at the height of the storm. Not very neighborly. [NYP]

• The tornado signs off, via Twitter:

Have your own tornado tales or pics? Send ’em! Now, who wants to start making “Fucking Tornado For Sure” T-shirts?


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