Morning Links: Your Post-Tornado Roundup


Everyone’s running around talking about storm damage following the still-unconfirmed-maybe-tornado (officials are currently working to determine that with their little tornado-detection devices) that hit Staten Island, Brooklyn — rampaging through Park Slope and Bushwick — and Queens last night. There’s been one reported fatality: 30-year-old Aline Levakis, was pulled over on the Grand Central Parkway when her Lexus was hit by a tree. [NYT]

Trees are still down throughout the path of the storm. Don’t try to clear them yourself, say officials — call 311.

Look at this shot, from the Voice‘s Steven Thrasher:

That photo of a tornado behind the Statue of Liberty that you probably saw at some point last night? Real — just from 1976. Don’t be fooled like Time magazine. [HuffPo]

Almost 26,000 customers are still without power, according to Con Ed. Queens has most of the outages — 24,700. [NBC NY]

All public schools are open today, except John Bowne High School in Flushing, which suffered extensive storm damage.

The LIRR is mostly back up, but check first regarding trains, buses, and subways — there may be delays or route changes. [NYT]

A Starbucks in Long Island apparently kicked out eight customers at the height of the storm. Not very neighborly. [NYP]

The tornado signs off, via Twitter:

Have your own tornado tales or pics? Send ’em! Now, who wants to start making “Fucking Tornado For Sure” T-shirts?