The New York Post Reads Runnin’ Scared!


We’d like to congratulate our intern, Leslie Minora, whose last day with us is sadly today. You know you’ve made it when the New York Post is just openly jacking your shit without attribution.

Take, for example, her great story on the MTA paying to repair LIRR-ripped pants, which – a day later – became a New York Post story. The same thing happened with our scoop about Nicole Kidman taking a Broadway role, which the Post‘s territorial theater gossip Michael Riedel “reported” two days after we posted it, and sent him a link on it to plug it. But hey: It’s never not nice to know you’re being read, even if the guys reading you are just openly stealing your shit, possibly out of contempt for your reporting on them. Then again, maybe it’s just another Crazy Coincidence!

Readers and Coincidences: “can haz” them. We’ll miss you and the stories of yours we get stolen from us, Leslie!