The Original Shank Returns, Afterhours This Saturday


You remember the Shank. The ignomious afterhours Williamsburg spot of unprecedented size, bravado, and debauchery that’s golden age lasted for, approximately, one month of winter 2009. The concrete mud-bucket that cornered the market on baby laxative and earned itself a New York Press cover story. The place that’s cultural death knell sounded when a guy slipped DJ Jonathan Toubin a $20 to play him Young Jeezy. Well, it’s back. Again. No, again.

This time, though, the Shank hasn’t been resuscitated in name alone, the legally murky party den has actually returned to its original Williamsburg/Greenpoint bordering location. This has been going on for a few weeks, apparently, but what makes tomorrow particularly momentous is that the spot’s first musical curator, Mr. Jonathan Toubin–the one before Anton Glamb supposedly brought all those teen thugs, before Bikes in the Kitchen broke everything (hee hee), back when the space’s clientele was “girls in their early to late twenties who like to stay out late and dance”–returns to the decks. He’ll be heading over after Soul Clap at Glasslands and sticking around until 8am or whenever jerks break up the fun, whichever one comes first. Be a good human and don’t get this shut down again, thank you.