GOOD Friday: Kanye West Comes Late With “Lord Lord Lord”


Kanye West just keeps coming through, in a variety of styles and moods, on different days and with a wide range of friends. On this most recent GOOD Friday, West delivered the track somewhere close to 5 a.m. Blame it on Swizz Beatz, who is featured on “Lord Lord Lord,” along with Mos Def, Raekwon and soulful new Kanye fixture Uncle Charlie Wilson. Even on west coast time, it wasn’t quite Friday, but quibbles like these mostly speak to how much Kanye West has spoiled music fans recently.

Speaking of impatient or otherwise annoying people online, Swizz Beats takes his turn on the microphone to intone, “Nowadays rappers, they like bloggers.” Or is it the other way around? It sounds like a slight.

In something of a twist, Swizz Beatz has the longest verse on the song. Maybe it just feels that way, but believe it or not, he doesn’t scream once. In fact, he sounds downright comfortable on the spacey, bass-y beat. It’s much less surprising how at home Raekwon seems, delivering the same style workman verse he’s floated for the last few years.

Kanye comes in feisty, capitalizing on his semi-regular, but consistently startling sex punchlines (see: “pussy…sarcophagus”). This time it’s about an epidural. “I only hang with, like, white boys and black sluts,” he notes (curious timing), before a remark about crabs (not food) and something nasty about “a douche.” His mood seems magnified against the open, futuristic sample, which the internet identified as Brian Bennett’s “Solstice.” The internet then promptly noted that Nas did it first.

The whole thing is really an exercise in vibe, and the last two minutes consist of Charlie Wilson crooning the word “lord” in a variation of tones and pitches. At the end, he seems to say something about the high notes he hit, and sounds rightly pleased.