Like Her Father Before Her, Caroline Giuliani Cleaned Shit Up in New York City


There was a time when Caroline Giuliani’s arrest for stealing make-up from Sephora seemed sort of glamorous. We all miss Winona. But the allure is a lot less when it comes to the (notably minor) consequences, which included a day of community service cleaning toilets in the Lower East Side, according to the Daily News. There was also sweeping and dealing with garbage at Pier 36 for her to hit her eight hours, but that works a little bit less with the obvious jokes about her dad. Though, “taking out the trash” is okay. Also buried in the piece is an update on Giuliani’s acting career, which seemed like the impetus for this whole stealing and then looking really stylish thing in the first place.

According to the News:

It was the first offense for the Harvard theater major, who showed little emotion during the ordeal but did send an apologetic letter to the Hollywood bigwig she interned for last summer.

The note was “full of contrition and gratitude,” Lynda Obst, producer of “Sleepless in Seattle” and other films, had said.

We are down one rebellious starlet, at the moment. See you soon, Caroline.

(h/t Gothamist)