State Politics: Carl Paladino Catches Andrew Cuomo Showering With His Chain On


The Tea Party Republican candidate for New York governor, Carl Paladino, has a ballsy Photoshopping intern. That’s really the only way to explain a new printable flyer sent out this weekend to the campaign’s email list. The image — see it, large and dirty, after the jump — shows Attorney General and Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo’s head pasted on a dirt-covered (“doo doo”-covered?) body. Also, Cuomo is wearing a gold chain, because he is Italian. This raises a lot of questions, like: “Are they serious?” And, “Is it okay to wear a gold chain in the shower?” Answers and the ad below!

You see this and you think “hoax.” But Paladino’s camp is owning it, according to comment obtained by Capital Confidential:

“We’re going to continue beating on Andrew Cuomo until he comes out and answers questions and agrees to a series of debates,” [Paladino guru Mike Caputo] said. “Every day, every week, we’re going to come up with any creative solution we can to make that happen. Today, it’s Andrew in the shower. Tomorrow, watch this space.”

You see this and you think “cultural stereotypes!” But Paladino’s camp is Italian, too, so it’s okay, don’t worry:

That would mean something if it was coming from anyone else but an Italian,” he said, noting Paladino, like Cuomo, is an Italian-American. “Carl has his own gold chain he wears very proudly. And so do I.”

You see this and you think, “That cannot be good for the chain!” So we consult, and sic throughout:

Can you shower with a 14K gold necklace?

You could but I wouldnt advise it, I would look after the jewellery

And what if it’s 10k instead of 14k?

Can you shower with a 10K gold necklace?

you can but it will rust so i wouldn’t if i was u

*I have been showering with my 10k gold earrings in since i was 7 (im now 15) and its perfectly fine. The only part that has turned a shade darker is the top of the skinny part that goes in my ear.. but i dont really care cause no one will see that, the rest of it is still good after 8 years of showering with it on. (I’m guessing it only changed colour because since its in my ear, it doesn’t dry as fast as the rest of the earring..) 🙂