Carl Paladino’s Hitler Card Has Now Been Busted Out


New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino’s scary, insane run for the highest executive office of our state has already seen:

Among other fun times. And now, the Hitler card has finally been busted out.

Tablet Magazine reports that a bunch of Orthodox Jews got on the steps of City Hall today to denounce Paladino after his previous comments about state assemblyman Sheldon Silver resurfaced. In it, Paladino busts out his “Hitler” card…against an Orthodox Jew:

“If I could ever describe a person who would fit the bill of an anti-Christ or a Hitler,” said Paladino of the Orthodox Jewish New York Assembly Speaker, who still lives on the Lower East Side, “this guy is it.”

Yeah, that one…might lose you the Jewish vote. Or would it? Because in retaliation, the Rabbinical Alliance of America issued a statement that…also kinda busts out the Hitler card? The statement defends Paladino and knocks Silver for supporting gay marriage, specifically noting that Silver basically advocates for sex criminals: “[Silver’s support of gay marriage] legitimizes the homosexual lifestyle, and makes it easier for perverts, like Andrew Goodman, to molest our children.” They also note Silver’s pro-choice stances: “killing babies and rampant homosexuality were indeed very much apart [sic] of the Nazi program.”

Obviously, a Carl Paladino’d Downfall parody must be forthcoming at this point.