Hipster Runoff: Williamsburg District Leader Seat Election Still Being Counted


Young, handsome, black-framed Lincoln Restler — he of the New Kings Democrats, who’re out to change the face of Brooklyn’s Democratic leadership, starting with embattled Brooklyn Democrat leader/scumbag Vito Lopez — is still having his votes counted in an election against the pro-Lopez Warren Cohn. What’s happening down there?

The hell if anyone knows. The Brooklyn Paper reports:

…Workers made their official recanvass of their Election Day count, and suddenly Restler’s 19-vote machine lead surged to a 3,569-3,423 total, or 146. Bringing back the paper ballot score only cut Restler’s lead to 85 vote. Tomorrow, election workers will begin counting the remaining ballots in the race — about 300, including 103 absentee ballots.

Restler’s trying to change up Brooklyn’s Democratic party after being tossed out of Vito Lopez’s offices a few years back, because he wasn’t one of the neighbohood boys (like, say, Cohn, whose run is backed by his father, legacy state committeeman Steve Cohn). As for the clownish Lopez, he made the front page of the New York Post yesterday after being busted for trying to intimidate a bunch of old ladies into voting for him, something you’d think he’d be preoccupied with, if this race weren’t still happening.