Pavement’s Bob Nastanovich Is DJing at the Living Room Tonight


And so Pavement week continues in New York City, with auxiliary member and horse racing expert Bob Nastanovich taking advantage of the respite between last night’s debut and the rest of this week’s string of four sold-out Central Park Shows (tickets are all over Twitter if you want ’em) to don his “La Nast” alter ego and play records tonight at the Living Room. There probably will be no BOOGABOOGABOOGA backing vocals, but he may in fact dance with an actual woman two nights running, so there’s that. Plus, he hasn’t done this fifty times in other cities before coming to ours! Flyer, right here:

For what it’s worth, and as our own Rob Harvilla mentioned earlier today, this guy is the best. From Chuck Klosterman’s March GQ Pavement profile:

Nastanovich is pretty open about the things he does not know about Pavement. “I have no idea why we’re doing this now. I only talked to Stephen for about five or ten minutes about this reunion, and the only things he clarified was that I would need to be comfortable quitting my job, that I’d have to practice, and that I had to promise not to blow the money I made on horses.”

Wonder how much they’ve spoken since.

DJ SET [Living Room]