Silly Bandz Official ‘Gulf Oil Spill’ Pack Somehow Very Apropos


Silly Bandz — the ridiculous new trend of human beings walking around with specially shaped rubber bands on their wrists that take form when taken off your wrist — are officially releasing a “Save the Gulf” pack of Silly Bandz. This is Silly, but rather apropos.

The brand’s press release notes:

BCP Imports LLC has announced the release of its Save the Gulf Silly Bandz (, a version of its popular kids’ and adults’ product, to help raise money for wildlife and communities affected by the Gulf oil spill disaster. A portion of every pack purchased will go directly to helping rescue the wildlife, rehabilitate our communities, and prevent further damage to our shore lines and animal nesting grounds. “The oil leak may be stopped, but the work to save our coastal wildlife from the ongoing effects is barely underway. We’ve created these Silly Bandz to raise awareness and for people to show others that indeed, the future of our Gulf is still on our minds,” said Robert Croak, BCP’s President. “These animals and families need our help. This isn’t just a Gulf Coast problem, this is a national problem we should all pitch in together to fix.” A Gulf coast company along with lists of kids had contacted Silly Bandz about this idea back in May, which sparked the production of what will be in stores very soon. The shapes will also debut “thermochromatic technology,” creating different colors in various temperatures of water; a first in the bandz industry.

Why so apropos though? Well, for one thing, when you put any of these on your wrist, it becomes an over-stretched mess. Sure, that’s the point, but there’s no better way to represent humanity’s effect on the Atlantic Gulf than with an over-stretched rubber band that changes color in different temperatures of water. Kind of like what happened to the wildlife there, which no longer resembles wildlife so much as stretched-out rubber band ideals of Gulf Wildlife. Also, sure, money’s going to save the gulf, but what, exactly, is the environmental impact on a pack of Silly Bandz?

Who gives a shit: NEW SILLY BANDZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!