The Algonquin Sold to Marriott, So What Happens to The Algonquin Cat?


It’s a sad, sad day when another cat is kicked to the street, forced to fend for his/herself in a city where mice-hoarding opossums run rampant like bed bugs in SoHo. Fortunately for Matilda, the Algonquin’s famed feline resident, such will not be her fate following the hotel’s recent merger with Marriott International Inc.

A representative from the hotel noted to us over the phone:

“There is no fate of Matilda. Nothing will change. They would never kick her out, she is part of the very fiber that makes us as unique as we are. She hasn’t been there for the entire 107 years, obviously, but the name has and the essence and concept of having a feline presence is in the very nature of the Algonquin’s being.” Thank Christ.

As a 15-year resident of the hotel and predecessor of the original Algonquin cat — Hamlet — Matilda (blue-eyed, ragdoll physique) enjoys spending her days lavishly relaxing on her miniature chaise lounge, welcoming all visitors who enter the esteemed Midtown landmark. But as times change and New York City becomes oh-so au courant, the Algonquin will soon become part of the Marriott’s Autograph Collection, as the first NYC property to do so. In an effort to commemorate its own history, the Algonquin will “turn back the clock” tomorrow for lunch at the Round Table, offering a prixe fixe menu for $19.02 (the year it opened). The cat would turn back the clock itself, but it isn’t union. Me-yow!

Another victory for the felines of Manhattan and a cheap-ish lunch to go with it, could anything be more purrfect? In fact, yes: a the best cat video, ever, to celebrate.