The Further Adventures Of 50 Cent’s Twitter Account


50 Cent’s Twitter page is going to get someone arrested. Possibly him. Possibly you. It’s no surprise, of course, in this age of the Twitter-obsessed rapper, that 50 would take to the format with such aplomb, given his history of profoundly uncouth Internet-based hijinx. We have noted his skill with Twitter before. But what he’s been up to in the last week or so has taken it to a new level. Whether this level is farther up or further down is open to debate, of course. Here, just so you know what to expect, are some of his most recent antics.

Threatening to Kill Justin Bieber Fans

Insulting Our Table Manners

Talking About His Dick

Discussing Puffy’s Bathroom Manners With Random Flight Attendants

Recommending Lawyers

Missing His Son, In A Rare Moment Of Ostensible Sentimentality

Soliciting Sexy Photos of Ladies

But Just Remember