This Year’s Biggest Halloween Costume Will Surely Be…


Lady Gaga’s meat dress!

I just know it’s going to top all the dumb Lindsay, Tiger, and Mel stuff in terms of pop popularity.

After all, it’s really easy to assemble — just head to your local butcher shop and fill up a bag.

It couldn’t be more trendy and relevant, since everything Gaga wears becomes a must-get for victims and fashionplates.

And when the night is over, you’ve got steak dinner for the next two weeks!

I simply can’t wait to see veritably millions upon millions of people take to the streets in their steak outfits, horrifying all those pretentious vegetarians while swatting away pigeons trying to peck at their headdresses.

It’s a way to wear a cow without looking like a cow, even if other people stand back and have a cow.

And it’ll be good for the economy!

So join me in wearing meat on October 31! And even after that!