Williamsburg Record Store Sound Fix For Sale on Craigslist


Sound Fix’s James Bradley is no stranger to the vagaries of record selling business. “I used to tell people to go to the Virgin Megastore,” Bradley told us last year, when we asked him what happened when people came by the defiantly indie store inquiring about the Beatles, or Katy Perry. “But now I can’t say that anymore,” he said, Virgin having been long since consigned to the same graveyard that also holds Tower Records, Fat Beats, and what seems on some days like half of the rest of the city’s other music retail spots. It seems Sound Fix, which has been in business on the north side of Williamsburg since 2004 (Bradley moved the store from its longtime location at 110 Bedford to its new home a couple blocks away on Berry Street last summer), might be facing a similar fate. A Craigslist ad posted last Tuesday offered the store up for a cool $250,000, billed as a “true turn-key transaction.” Was this real? We reached out to Bradley to ask him.

“I’m just testing the waters,” he told us via email. “I’m working two jobs these days and it’s a bit much. That’s all.” His post on Craigslist seems to indicate that he’s hoping someone assumes the store and keeps it alive, as is:

We asked what changed between last summer, when the store moved, and now. “What changed is that I’m working more and more at my second job,” Bradley told us (he’s also a copy editor at People). “I work seven days a week and it’s taking its toll on me. Ideally I would stay with Sound Fix as either a limited partner or some kind of employee, but solely running the place has been a great hardship as of late.” In 2010’s dismal record selling climate (or, for that matter, dismal magazine world), can you blame him? But don’t despair entirely. One way or another, Bradley assures us, “Sound Fix will endure.”

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