WorldGlobalPR, BPGlobalPR Spin-Off, Now Snarkily Repping Companies ‘Round the World


What with the Gulf well being killed/plugged/dead and all, Josh Simpson, the mastermind behind faux-BP Twitter @BPGlobalPR, is branching out as @WorldGlobalPR. Timing is everything! If you really, really loved statements like “If it weren’t for the spill, those sweet @barackobama topless pix wouldn’t exist. You’re welcome America,” don’t worry — WorldGlobalPR (site launching October 4; Twitter live now, with 4,175 followers) just opens the door for any number of darkly comedic entries from your hated industry/company of choice.

For example:

From now on, high-fructose corn syrup is “corn sugar” and cake is “vitamin cake”. #FDA #healthyliving

Say what you will about the 9/11 mosque and Quran burning, but one thing is for sure — it’s great for ratings. #Newscorp

Like Jesus, we have a cross. Like the Romans, we plan on nailing you to it. #AnthemBlueCross #BigHealthCares

Thank goodness for this latest in offensively charming Twitter entries. We were worried we’d have to start taking our problems seriously.