Barack Obama Possibly Has Blessed ‘Buns of Steel,’ Is Definitely Still an Ass Man


File this one somewhere under Things You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Know About the 44th President of the United States of America: He may very well have Buns of Steel. Yes, this is regarding the Executive Ass.

The Washington Post nailed down a hard-hitting profile today when they took note of the most senior member on the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, a woman named Donna Richardson who has a fitness program called “Body Gospel” that brings working out and gospel together. And you thought it couldn’t be done.

Not exactly P90X, or Mousercize, but it appears to get the job done, if that bangin’ body is any indication. Ah, but slightly buried under all this God-business is a very, very vital piece of information:

Richardson, the local homecoming queen who grew up to marry the king of morning radio, Tom Joyner — who got her professional start as one set of cheeks on “Buns of Steel”

Dare anyone attempt to assault the president from behind in any manner, know this: His ass is not to be fucked with, literally — that thing may very well break a piece of you off. Literally. Not only that, but it may very well be a godly ass, as well:

In Washington recently for the first official meeting of the President’s Council, Richardson, who now lives in Dallas, is asked about this transformation: “I used to have buns of steel,” she says euphorically. “Now I have blessed buns.”

Always good when we can count on a strong executive brand to “turn the other cheek” and still have it be a potentially dangerous motion to evildoers. For when “too much” is “never enough.”

As if you didn’t already know, but yes, The American President (Most Definitely) Is an Ass Man.