Get Liza’s Confessions, Darlings


Liza Minnelli’s new CD, Confessions, is due-dated today, which we should probably rename Gay Day.

The album is “really terrific,” as Liza herself would say, so put down the knitting and come hear the music play.

It isn’t a “Ring Them Bells” dazzler with Liza pulling out all the Liza-isms to keep your eyes and ears popping.

It’s a soft, gentle piece of work, with Liza sounding as if she’s sitting right next to you in your luxury apartment — or cardboard box — as she croons classic tunes like “You Fascinate Me So” and “I Got Lost in His Arms,” backed by the loving tinkles of Billy Stritch.

It’s as if Liza re-created the time of her youth when famous people dropped by mama’s house to belt a number around the piano, but this time she’s the one doing all the entertaining.

So take Liza home with you. If you’re gay, she won’t mind!