GM Salmon Almost Here; Park Slope Is Not Getting a Chipotle


The U.S. is now closer to approving the first genetically modified animal for consumption: salmon that grows twice as fast as conventionally farmed fish.
[Wall Street Journal]

The first New York City Pizza Run took place at Tompkins Square Park this past Sunday where contestants did four laps of the park, stopping for a slice between each one.
[Wall Street Journal]

In other pizza news, Pizza Hut is following in Domino’s footsteps with a new ad campaign focused on employee stories rather than cheap pizza.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Rumors that a Chipotle was going up in the old Miracle Grill location in Park Slope were apparently unfounded, according to a spokesperson from the chain.
[Brooklyn Paper]

Community-run plots are all the rage in Brooklyn, with new urban gardens springing up there more frequently than in any other borough.
[NY Daily News]