Japan Declines Delivery of Drug-Besmirched Paris Hilton


Ooh, awkward. Paris Hilton has flown to Japan, where she was scheduled to attend a news conference tomorrow to promote her fashion line, and they said, “No thanks, we don’t want any.” Upon arrival, she was immediately questioned by immigration authorities, who apparently don’t take kindly to funny business like cocaine possession and whatnot. Prudes.

However, they are letting her stay at an airport hotel while she decides what to do next. (Not cocaine, hopefully.) According to RadarOnline, she is “beyond upset.” We hear ya, those airport hotels blow.

Our hard-working Taiwanese animators have given us a rundown of Paris’s various drug “situations.” Of course, animated Paris looks nothing like actual Paris, and her animated dog looks nothing like her actual dog, but her no-jail victory dance and Comet-sniffing makes up for that.

You have to give her credit for one thing, though — the girl looks good in mugshots!